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06/25/17 02:09 AM Ultimate Cruising Playlist by Meph

So I've been busy...

This past year I built a 2003 Yamaha R6 Streetfighter... and it is dope! I'm especially proud of the 600W stereo because now everybody has to listen to my music.

So I want to compile the ultimate cruising playlist... that run of riffs that gets everybody going. What songs do I need?

No country or top 40 pop... I gotta have:

Ramble on and Immigrant song by Led Zepplin
Lust for Life - Iggy Pop
Sweat - Snoop
Sweating Bullets and Angry Again - Megadeth
Four Horsemen, No Remorse, etc - Metallica
Rob/White Zombie
Bark at the Moon, Paranoid, the Wizard, Zombie Stomp - Ozzy
Dr Feel Good, Shout at the Devil, Helter Skelter - Motley Crue

what else?

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03/31/17 06:10 PM Recommendations for VPN by escher

Hey guys!
While I should have been using VPN's for years, I havent. Well with all the bullshit going on in the gov, and the strong recommendation to get one, I've been motivated. What do you guys recommend?

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03/15/17 12:52 PM Any of you guys gaming at all? by MorningStar

I got my Nintendo Switch early last week and have been playing the living crap out of Breath of the Wild, maybe in my top 5 games ever

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03/12/17 05:59 AM Another Old guy returns from Beyond by mr_x

Hey guys,
GAWD its been forever. Hope all is well with you all. things are working well for me. Sold the house and bought a condo on the CT shore. trying to downsize a bit. Still working at a huge hospital here in Ct where I am the Sr Admin. We have well over 100k users and close to 50k desktops...so things are never quiet. My main responsibility is the integration of new domains as this giant continues to swallow up all the smaller fish. Kinda sad to see some of them go, but hey i'll never be out of work..ahahahah. This place has some seriously deep pockets and I expect most of it is the association with the University. I think we're over 3k servers now and I heard they just broke through the 10PB in storage marker. most of which is not spinning disk. I am continually consolidating and decomm'ing old crap...

Anyway enough work ..Strangely I had a dream about this place last week and the old Simon days..BAHAHAHAHa. Wonder what ever happened to him and if we finally pushed him over the edge. HA!!

Well hope all is well and just wanted to stop in and give you all a quick shout.

oh and thanks for the reset DS and letting me back in..appreciate it brother.

~mr_x (art)

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02/08/17 02:16 PM Are you still using ICQ? by PraskeT

I know quite a few of us used ICQ in the good ole days. Does anyone still use it?

I just tried to login but I cannot remember my password and since I never setup email or number for recovery they said there is nothing they can do for me. frown

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