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Apple /Mac /OSX
Jump to new posts Re: just got a macbook by Anartist @ Yesterday at 01:51 PM

that one's toast now. got a crappy hp with 20 min batt pwr now. =| I just scored a G5 titanium ppc server tower. 8g ram Its ppc. Funny thing is, when I was visual effects editor for Stargate Atlantis I had the same tower on my desk. It was the mo
GNU/Open Source
Jump to new posts Re: what's everyone up to Linux wise these days? by Anartist @ Yesterday at 01:48 PM

Graphics Show Case
GNU/Open Source
this is what I found codeblocks with mingw: http://sourceforge.net/projects/codebloc...mingw-setup.exe bloodshed dev c++ with mingw: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/dev-cpp/devcpp- enjoy
Windows (All versions)
Jump to new posts Re: Windows 10....your opinion by Anartist @ Yesterday at 01:31 PM

it sux sooooooooooooooo much. It really sux. I hate the little boxes, give me back the start menu adverts everywhere sucky sucky sucky. I stick with win7x64 and I constantly watch linux mint mint does everything except some games, but many games
Software troubles?
Jump to new posts Re: Music player recommendations? by Anartist @ Yesterday at 01:28 PM

media player has bad distortion, itunes SUX MONKEY NUTS I have the last release of winamp, I keep it in backup. Itsounds better, organizes better and sees players/phones better on linux I use Rythmbox there's another one that's ok called Songbird,
Jump to new posts Re: Are you still using ICQ? by Anartist @ Yesterday at 01:24 PM

it was the king for techs for over a decade, but messenger and facecrack were the winners for the masses. wish I could remember my old number too, I had one of the original short numbers
Pc-Hardware Woes?
Jump to new posts Unstable OC at 4.6ghz? by FinalDJ @ 09/15/17 03:41 PM

Wonder if someone could help me. I bought a bundle from Scan UK last year pre OC'd to 4.6ghz It's an i5 4690k I had problems when I installed it crashing so did a burn test and it started shutting down about 60 seconds in. Contacted Scan who assis
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